- makes it easier to grow your own potatoes.


How to plant:

  • Plant 3 seed potatoes in sphagnum peat moss in the inner pot, which is placed in the outer pot. Place the 3 seed potatoes in the centre with approx. 10 cm distance and in the middle of the height of the pot.
  • Water regularly with fertilized water – preferably daily.
  • Observe the development by lifting the inner pot out of the outer pot.
  • After approx. 8 weeks you can harvest your own new potatoes from PotatoPot®.
  • The plant will continue to produce new potatoes – right up until the arrival of the first frost.
  • A fun and tasty delight for the whole family.


  • You can benefit from pre-sprouting seed potatoes by placing them e.g. in a bright window at approx. 20°C. This can be done from February 1st. By pre-sprouting seed potatoes you can harvest after approx. 8 weeks – without pre-sprouting you must expect 2 extra weeks.
  • Use a full-fertilized sphagnum peat moss.
  • After planting the seed potatoes remember to water them thoroughly, and place the PotatoPot® in a warm and bright location. Cover the pot with e.g. plexiglas or plastic sheet until the potatoes sprout.
  • The process can be started in a green house but once the potatoes have sprouted they must be moved outdoor.
  • Potatoes can not withstand frost.
  • The plants can be trimmed to approx. 25 cm in the height if they become lanky.

Planting approx. March 15th = new potatoes approx. May 15th
Planting approx. April 1st = new potatoes approx. June 1st


Use the potato varieties you prefer.

We recommend the early varieties such as Flavia, Frieslander or Exquisa.


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